Login Screen Extremely Distorted

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at gmail.com
Sat May 5 12:50:53 UTC 2007

Hi Isaiah,

On Wed, 11 Apr 2007, Isaiah wrote:

> I installed Edubuntu 6.10 today successfully on an old Micron PII machine.
> However, when the login screen comes up it is extremely distorted. I can
> make out the login field and actually login, but any and all fine details
> are pretty much obscured. Is this caused by the proper video card driver not
> being installed? If so, can someone tell me how to fix it or point me in the
> right direction? I am currently using the machine as a thin client for
> testing purposes. This summer I will hopefully be revamping our computer lab
> into a completely Edubuntu environment. This is my first time ever using any
> form of Linux, so please bear with me if I ask a lot of questions. Thanks!

Out of interest, did you work this out?  


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