Scripts to clean clean up ltsp leftovers

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Sun Jun 10 19:43:02 UTC 2007


On Sun, 10 Jun 2007, Hendrik Boshoff wrote:

> The one I would most like to see included in Edubuntu is this:
> * New scripts to clean up leftover ltsp swap files and processes from
>   abnormal shutdowns of clients and server.
> Some earlier discussions on this list mentioned /tmp filling up and
> orphan processes floating around.

I'm not totally clear what this means in debian-edu.  However, we
(principally Scott Balneaves, with some help from Matt Oquist and myself)
tracked down and fixed a problem in Edubuntu where /tmp was fillling up
with temporary ltsp swap files.  The fix is really to LTSP so I guess
they'll get that too.  That may be it -- along with some work by Vagrant

This fix should hopefully appear in Edubuntu Gutsy, but it's easy to apply
on feisty.  Look at answer number 9 here:

> Are these Debian scripts the best solution? Can they be merged easily
> into Edubuntu?

As both are using LTSP, both should have much the same developments.


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