[Ltsp-discuss] LDM2 update, thoughts about multiple login hosts.

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Mon Jul 30 15:46:47 UTC 2007

> We're still needing a good method for getting network auth going.  I don't
> want to say too much, but Matt Oquist and I banged around a couple of
> ideas in #edubuntu a few days ago, and he's begun work on pam/nss module
> that will do what we want without the need for pushing ldap down to the
> client by, amazingly, doing the pam and nss stuff over the ssh link.
> I've briefly looked at some of the code.  Once I get done with ldm2, I want 
> to help Matt with it, as I think it's the answer to our prayers.  I doub't
> we'll see it for gutsy.  But, the next LTS is coming up, and I WANT to see 
> it in for that.
> Two releases ago we fixed Local devices.
> Last release we fixed sound.
> This release, we're fixing speed/scalability
> Next release, we tackle localapps.
> Should put us ing good shape for the next 5 years, eh?

Awesome, I can't wait.  I can't believe how nicely local devices and sound on my new
system work.  If you guys are half as successful in tackling local apps along with the
speed/scalability it should be great.  I have been fairly impressed with the speed on my
system just the way it is, faster will be great, but at this point my clients boot in
about 1 min 20 seconds which isn't all that bad compared to full workstations.  And with
the LDM_DIRECTX running my video is flawless at smaller resolutions, still a little
choppy at larger or full screen, but it is a thin client so I expect this.

Excellent work guys, you are making my job much easier :-)

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