Mapping Network Folders

Will will at
Thu Dec 20 16:13:02 UTC 2007

I'm running Edubuntu 7.1 with Kerbos and Samba.
My users logon to the Edubuntu server and are authenticated by our
active directory domain.  I want to script their personal user shares so
that they are accessible in the network list.  If the user logs on, gets
their gnome session and then clicks on Places | "Connect to Server" they
are presented an applet that allows them to connect to a windows share
by providing only the server name, share, and display name.  Duplicating
this functionality from the command line would be perfect.  Can anyone
tell what command to use or if a command line syntax even exists?
Alternatively, I have researched using smbmount and fstab, but this is
not a desirable solution.  Especially when I see gnome provides the
exact functionality I need via the gui without the need to retype
passwords or have them hard coded anywhere.  I'm assuming there must be
a way to script that.
Thanks!  Any help is greatly appreciated.
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