Cluster HPC based on edubuntu

Jean-Francois CLEMENT Jean-Francois.Clement at
Mon Dec 3 09:44:48 UTC 2007


I'm an edubuntu user, so like I've an cluster (for calculus) to build I 
think naturally in use of ubuntu+ltsp+sge (sun grid engine) and because 
I like new ltsp without nfs.

Of, course calculus code run onto the node (not on the server) so i try 
to modify "ltsp-setup-client". I've simply resolve the authentication 
problem by duplicate "passwd" "group" and "shadow" because the server is 
private (eth0 : external network, eth1 : private network)

So today, almost is working except i can't mount automaticaly the /home 
on the nodes, by hand (via ssh) it's work fine with :

mount -n -t nfs /home     (on the nodes)

/home,root_squash,async)    (on the server)

I try the lts.conf option "LOCAL_APPS=Y" but I think it's not available 
for LTSP5 ?

if anyone have an idea ?


Jean-François CLEMENT
I.3.S - LaTIM Inserm U650

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