Edubuntu Handbook... postponing print version???

Mauricio Hernandez Z. mhz.chile at
Wed Sep 6 19:16:49 UTC 2006

Hi there Susan and friends,

> I welcome thoughts/opinions/etc.

Well, hmmm, errr, huuu..

Sure, having more time is great, however, personally, the feeling of
'eeek, no book about Edubuntu again?' is very strong.

However, if having more time will mean we all will benefit form a better
version of the book, then ok.

My 2 cents is 75% ready. I have been writing a wiki version of the
topics I volunteered: "Edubuntu for less hardware-powerful networks".
BUT...I have also had some personal issues (including the fact that I
almost lost my HD and just could solved the issue yesterday, after 3
days very worried about it).

Bottom line, to me, meeting is a good idea, esp. because I have been
very offline during last month. The only potential issue would be that I
can only be part of a meeting on IRC at 'cibercafe' hours:
17:30 UTC to 02:00 UTC

PS: ....maybe including a digital version of EHB on Edgy CD's might work
so far.


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