Will van der Leij will at
Wed Oct 11 07:19:59 UTC 2006

Hi Simon,

> I've been lurking on here for a few months and although I'm impressed and
> excited about all the great work you're all doing, there is really nothing
> going on here that is useful to me or that I can be useful to (the more
> important issue, IMHO).
> .....
> Since I'm using Ubuntu in an educational setting, flying the Edubuntu flag
> may seem the obvious answer. As I said, though, the project doesn't really
> bring anything useful to me, or allow me to bring something useful back to
> the project.
> .....
> So, any ideas? How can I be useful to Edubuntu? Or should I just stick
> with vanilla Ubuntu?

I believe that Edubuntu as a solution, a product and a community can benefit
immensely from the input of someone like yourself in a University
environment, handling a project of the size and scope that you are.

Edubuntu is far more than Ubuntu, possibly with LTSP, and educational
apps/games. It is an application of Ubuntu into an education environment.
The feedback and requirements of the education environment needs to be
voiced and mapped in these channels. We, as a community, need your
experiences to continue creating a product that fits your needs.

Best regards,
Will van der Leij

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