Unable to locate RSDP

Sarita Friguglietti nl2akani at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 11 07:18:15 UTC 2006

Hi - just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction here.  I have a few computers on which this error message appears : "Unable to locate RSDP", right when I start the workstation install, and without fail, the install fails.  
  On one computer it fails on the Software installation step, and on another computer it fails on another aspect, (didn't write it down, so i forgot what it was).  At first I thought my disk wasn'g good, but now I've got a shipped CD. 
  I've searched through the mailing lists but no one seems to have mentioned this problem before.  So far, out of 5 computers I have only been able to load Edubuntu on 1. They all conform to minimum hardware specs.  

  Help very much appreciated.
Sarita Friguglietti <nl2akani at yahoo.com> wrote:
    Once I start with the install the second line that I get is : Unable to locate RSDP.  What is that?  
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