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Jonathan Carter jonathan at
Sun Oct 1 16:40:25 UTC 2006

Hi Carsten

> >I have the same sentiment of disappointment towards these KDE
> >developers. 
> Am I one of those KDE-folks? I couldn't find out which group of developers you mean.

Yes, I originally referred to you. Anne-Marie cleared up that it is
non-representative of KDE or KDE-edu.

> >Instead, sadly, they had very harsh criticisms that can't be backed that
> >they took out on the completely wrong people. 
> I wonder which mails you mean? I hope that you don't mean my blog because I think I was not harsh at all. I allo hope that you didn't mean annmas mail ( So please, lets start to work together and help each other. With KDE4 there will be much smaller kdelibs because we chop it up in smaller pieces (at least that is the plan).

I think that you were a bit harsh in your blog, and even though I
understand now that you didn't have any cruel intentions, it
unfortunately did spark off some hate mail :/

> So do I!
> I have more than 500 mails in my inbox and can only read them using a very crappy webinterface. I hope I din't miss the important bits...

No problem, ogra forwarded one of his replies to one of the messages to
the list, it might be a bit tough to read in a webmail interface though.

I believe that you are serious about working together and doing what's
ultimately best for the end-user. Ubuntu now has an education manager -
Richard Weideman, I'm sure he will be able to work with Anne-Marie to
help set up a good way for everyone to use their energies collectivly
and focus it so that we don't work against each other. I have no hard
feelings and I think there is lots of good opportunities here. I can see
how Oliver and Jordan may feel a bit demotivated by this, but it seems
that everyone wants the same thing here, so it should be easily fixed.


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