Software for Examination Management in Schools

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Sun Nov 19 22:22:09 UTC 2006

The first question that comes to mind for me would be: how might this be different from using Moodle's online examination capabilities?
Would it be worth creating a whole new application? That is, is there a need for this as an independent project, some unmet niche to address, or might you be able to achieve more and help more people by contributing to that already existing project?
Moodle would already take care of the user and course management for you--as well as the database back-end--and the exam creation interface is pretty slick already, though I don't know if there is an automatic timer or not.
I don't know if you've already taken a look at it, but I'd suggest doing so if you haven't yet.
Welcome to the community, friend!


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Subject: Software for Examination Management in Schools

I am writing a software for managing examinations in School which have these following features. 

1. There are three kinds of roles - admin, teacher and student. 
2. Admin can add teachers, students, Create Courses 
3. A teacher can make question banks (also upload) and can assign them to students of a particular semester. 
4. A student can login take the assigned exam. The automatic timer submits the responses after the time is over and displays the score. 

I have implemented a DB independent layer so users are free to run MySQL/Oracle/ODBC/PostGre. Rest is taken care by PHP. Both Apache and IIS are supported now. 

Let me know your views on this and if it will be useful to anybody. 

I am extremely sorry if this is not the right forum. 

Choudhury Sarada Prasanna Nanda

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