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Thu Nov 16 01:12:16 UTC 2006

Hello again Abraham,

I'm also forwarding this to the edubuntu-devel list.

Oliver Grawert (Edubuntu Lead Developer) and Scott Balneaves (LTSP) will
be able to give comments on LTSP ...

Could you please send some guide to the machine spec of the older Win 98
machines that you'd propose to use with LTSP ? 


On Wed, 2006-11-15 at 17:02 -0800, Richard Weideman wrote:
> Hello Abraham,
> Thanks for the mail ... and positive comments.
> David Trask should be able to give you some good first hand feedback.
> David was at our Ubuntu development conference last week, held in sunny
> California, graciously hosted by Google in Mountain View.
> David is an enthusiastic teacher and keen user of Edubuntu, and is
> helping influence the future features and direction of the product.
> As a matter of interest, what do you currently run in your school ?
> Regards
> Richard
> On Wed, 2006-11-15 at 16:36 -0800, Abraham Rolick wrote:
> > Greetings all,
> > 
> > My name is Abe and I currently work for a smaller K-12 school district
> > in the Sunny Southern California.  I've just recently installed Kubuntu
> > at home (it was suggested by a friend of mine who is helping develop
> > some parts of KDE) and was very impressed with how clean the installer
> > was and how quickly I had my system up and running.
> > 
> > I've run several Linux distributions in the past including Slackware,
> > RedHat, Debian, Gentoo, etc. and also FreeBSD and OpenBSD.  (I should
> > probably admit that I am a big OpenBSD user and advocate.)
> > 
> > I just today learned about Edubuntu and would like to give it a shot in
> > some of our classrooms.  We have many, many older machines which
> > currently run Windows 98 and probably wouldn't stand much of a chance
> > running XP.  So I would like to see how well an installation of Edubuntu
> > will perform on them.  Can anyone share some of their success stories
> > with this distribution in the K-12 environment?  I noticed that there is
> > great multi-lingual support which would be a great benefit to us here in
> > SoCal where a large part of the population speaks both English and
> > (sometimes primarily) Spanish.
> > 
> > Regards,
> >  
> > Abe
> > 
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