Edubuntu weekly Newsletter

Jordan Mantha mantha at
Sun May 28 16:30:11 UTC 2006

Jerome Gotangco wrote:
> Help would be great. What I was thinking of is split the newletter to
> 4 major parts
> 1. Development status
> 2. Edubuntu Community activities
> 3. Real-life deployments
> 4. Deployment/Configuration tips and tricks.
> Any more suggestions?

This is just my little suggestion, why don't we make a template wiki
page with the above sections and just let people contribute. The MOTU do
it more or less that way for the MOTU Report. There are enough doc-type
people that I'm sure we can get it pretty polished. Lets make it an
Edubuntu community thing. Then we just need one person to take the wiki
and put it into an email form and get it on fridge, etc.

-Jordan (aka LaserJock)

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