Tested on Laptop

Liam Marshall lsrpm at mts.net
Sun May 7 04:30:41 UTC 2006

I have loaded ubuntu (Breezy Badger version) on my laptop to test out 
ubuntu with.  Had trouble with resolution/video as it is an unusual 17" 
widescreen, but with the help of wiki, got it functioning right.  Wish I 
could remember which wiki page it was, in case I need to go through the 
steps again. 

ALso got dvd movie playing on it, with all the codecs I could find.

My questions are:

Had a hell of a time getting the sun sdk for java programming loaded on 
my machine.  I like the version from sun that has the netbeans ide with 
it, in particular the 3.6 version of netbeans.  Ubuntu had a real 
problem with it, hated it, or is it that that version of java and 
netbeans hated Ubuntu.  Why is that?  Had no problem when testing it 
with Suse or with Fedora

Second question has to do with StarOffice 8.  Its installer is rpm only, 
so I had to use alien to get it working.  With the StarOffice7 version, 
you could run the install with a /net option which loaded a server 
install into the /opt folder, with a setup file for user workstations to 
run when they wanted to use it.  This would then allow them to choose a 
local installation or just a workstation load.  No such option seems to 
exist with StarOffice8.  This will be important because I will want to 
setup every user with links to StarOffice 8 apps and want to allow them 
to personalize their setup.  Does StarOffice 8 do this automatically? 
(the workstation install I mean) on first running an app as user xxx?

I noticed a hidden .staroffice8 folder in my personal home directory

anyway if I could get a few answers to these questions, it would set my 
mind at ease.  I am seriously considering switching my computer lab of 
30+ thin clients from their current server config of K12LTSP to 
edubuntu.  Next year we are wiring up the elementary classrooms to 
connect to the server as well.  All in all a big enough change without 
the anxiety of changing the distro.  Just tell me I won't regret Edubuntu.

I must have Sun's Java environ for senior programming classes, 
preferably with an ide I understand, like NetBeans 3.6.  I need 
StarOffice ( I can get StarOffice7 to work, but want to get StarOffice8 
going as a default for docs and spreadsheets, etc) instead of OpenOffice.

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