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> Before this gets forgotten ...
> Can I get a vote response for (or against):
> Changing our mailing lists to,
> 1) Be slip into 'edubuntu-devel' and 'edubuntu-users' lists

This is an  artificial distinction. Are developers not users? Can a  
user not be a developer? How would you expect the content of mails to  
differ between these lists?

> 2) Subscribe all current subscribers to edubuntu-users - those that
> wants to be on devel as well/instead will need to explicitly subscribe
> there.

What would be the purpose of such a split? It's not like this is a  
busy list. Usually one considers this when a list becomes too busy to  
follow, although it would have to be really busy to be too much for  
even a moderately experienced list user.

So I guess  vote "no" to a split as currently mooted.

If there just has to be split for some reason, then I would suggest a  
"technical" list, and a "chat" list. A discussion about whether the  
list should be split for example, would fall under "chat".

> That ok?
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