Where is Edubuntu today?

Trond Mæhlum trond at maehlum.net
Mon Mar 13 16:27:14 UTC 2006

I have an ltsp-setup today with 15 servers and 2300 users. It consists
of a Skolelinux Mainserver for most services and K12LTSP terminal
servers. I find K12LTSP well adjusted and easy to configure. However, I
find Fedora Core4, which we currently use, unstable. I would like to
move our terminalservers to something I'm more comfortable with, and
that would be a Debian based distro.

I have looked at the upcoming Skolelinux 2.0, but I can't get the ltsp
setup to work. So my question is where is the Dapper release of Edubuntu
today and what would it support.

There are mainly three functions I would like to have:

1. Sound. Esdsound works out of the box with K12LTSP.
2. Support for local usb sticks. We have this today using hotplug and
samba. Unsafe, but it works. Does Edubuntu have this? Perhaps ltspfs or
sshfs would be preferrable.
3. The possibility to boot some workstations with local applications,
so-called half-thick clients. Lessdisk had this, but Skolelinux says
that LTSP in their new release is support this also. I have tried it and
could not get it to work.

Does Dapper have the functions above? If so, is there some documentation
on this somewhere? A wiki perhaps?

Best Regards
Trond Maehlum

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