Dapper LTSP login

Alistair Crust alistair at skegnessgrammar.org
Thu Mar 9 11:05:06 UTC 2006

	I'm trying out edubuntu dapper and I've come along a few problems.

Firstly the image 20060303 failed on "building LTSP Chroot" I checked
the md5sum, verified the cd its self, checked my burner hadn't
over-sized the iso, even burnt it again at 7 speed. but no luck still
the same problem.

So I download flight-4 install it this morning, which works, update it
which works (Bar a failed language pack). looks cool, even my boss is
impressed ;-)

So now I test it out, so on the server i add another user, boot my thin
client, I get a login screen (prettier than the old ones i've seen) try
to login on the client.....and all i get is black screen with a watch,
then a cross, then the login screen again. The server is logging the
client bootup, but no login attempt is being logged.

Where can I start to diagnose this? 
Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas, comments, etc?

Warning: I am only partially familiar with linux systems, but I am very
keen to learn.

Kind regards
Alistair Crust
Systems Administrator 
Skegness Grammar School 
Vernon Road 
PE25 2QS 
TEL: 01754 610000 (ext'852)
FAX: 01754 896875 

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