Edubuntu Flight CD 4

Paul Dickson paul at
Thu Mar 2 12:45:11 UTC 2006

I booted the Edubuntu Flight 4 Live-CD twice on my Inspiron 6000.  Both
times it oopsed while booting (related to the squashfs), yet the system
continued to boot up.

Having a Live-CD blast sound is downright juvenile.  I can't boot the CD
with anyone sleeping in the house.  Add a boot option to play sound test
if the user requires one.

Also disable system sounds by default.  All the beeping can be annoying,
especially is there are several machines together.

The touchpad wasn't very reactive.  I had the drag my finger across the
pad several times inorder to move the mouse cursor across the screen.
The preference settings for the mouse did not improve the matter.

Overall it look good.


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