Cookbook: Docbook vs. LaTeX

Matt Galvin matt.t.galvin at
Tue Jun 13 13:32:28 UTC 2006

On 6/13/06, Susan Stewart <HedgeMage at> wrote:
> Okay, folks, have at it.  Debate time! :D

its to early for me (/me yawns)

DocBook is very easy to use, the Doc Teams docs use DocBook, upstream
uses DocBook, DocBook can be transformed into almost anything, the
translators use it, publishers certainly don't *need* or in many cases
*want* LaTeX, and I second the point about Rosetta. Although many of
these points where addressed by others, i really just wanted to second
them and also point out that we have had these types of discussions
every few months about what doc formats to use and we always come back
to using DocBook after many (sometimes very long) debates. Using
DocBook will keep your work consistent and compatible with everything
everyone else is doing. (maybe i am just a little grumpy this morning
so i hope this doesn't sound harsh but) can we stop having these doc
format debates. Just use DocBook, its simple text markup, any body can
learn the basics of in twenty minutes and its offers an great deal of
flexibility. And if the cookbook is going to ship with Edubuntu...
Yelp uses DocBook. All signs point to DocBook every time we get into
these doc format debates. To me the decision has always been obvious,
just use DocBook, stop worrying about it and do some real work like
writing the book.

/me goes to get coffee :)

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