removable storage solution for students

Alfred Nutile alfred at
Fri Jun 9 12:47:45 UTC 2006

Well if you are running the latest edubuntu then (and I may get in
trouble for saying this) install ltsp 4.2 in /opt/ltsp-4.2
then you can have both ltsp environments.
The reason is that until the potentially great idea and "future" of LTSP
ie MueKow get local device support, then those of us that need it now
but love ubuntu, can do it this way.
I followed the directions below
to install 4.2 in it's own folder etc
for local devices with almost no trouble ie have usb, cdrom floppy
I say almost because if a user logs out and another user logs in the
local devices do not work.  Though others have no problem with this?
(and some do)
But the boot up time is less then 25 seconds so?
Now if you are using the older edubuntu (breezy)
this may work
It's worked flawless for 5 months now at a library on Fedora 4.  If I
did not like ubuntu so much I'de be tempted to stick with it.
Let me know how it goes,

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