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Sun Jun 4 06:47:59 UTC 2006

On 6/4/06, Dan McGarry <it.psl at fsp.org.vu> wrote:
> Given that there are a limited number of CDs, are there selection
> criteria for recipients (e.g. location, need, first-come-first-served...)?

The limitation is not so much on the actual print run of the discs; we
could always increase the production if there is demand for it. The
limitation is geared towards the quantity of users that are actually
using Edubuntu as opposed to Ubuntu and Kubuntu, not to mention we are
only shipping x86 for this release cycle, but given enough demand, we
may consider shipping other architectures in future releases.

If you are organizing an event that is education related or say, an
education convention, we could work out a bulk shipment of CDs,
depending upon availability and notice.

But for its 2nd release, Edubuntu has done a lot already and being
part of ShipIt is indeed a milestone.

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