Can't install Edubuntu on a new PC

Susan Stewart HedgeMage at
Sat Jul 22 18:02:03 UTC 2006

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Mariana Curado Malta wrote:
> I tried to install Edubuntu into a new PC*, where there is a disk of 250
> GBytes. Two partitions, one for windows (100G) where everything is
> running ok, and now I am installing Edubutu from a CD install which I
> downloaded from the Edubuntu site (checksum ok when I created the CD
> from a iso image).
> I booted the PC from the CD and Edubuntu menu appeared. It was like
> Ubuntu/Kubuntu (I have installed already many Ubuntu/kubuntu machines
> with success). After partitioning, and after time and local and user
> settings it started installing the basic system. Until here everything
> normal and ok. Then came the message:
> Bulding the LTSP chroot....
> And after 50% the display went balck. There is a red light showing that
> the system is still working and installing but then it stops and I it is
> over. I do not have access to the keyboard (can't go to console).

Might I inquire why you are doing the LTSP install?  LTSP is used when you are booting thin
clients from a central server.  Since you are dual-booting, I think it's safe to guess that you
meant to do a stand-alone installation of Edubuntu.

Some good instructions (okay, I may be biased, I wrote them) for doing a stand-alone
installation of Edubuntu can be found at:

I hope that helps!  Please keep us updated.

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