Cook Book Meeting 06/07/06

Robin Shepheard robin.shepheard at
Fri Jul 7 09:41:12 UTC 2006

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Matthew East wrote:
> Hiya,

> Is there some reason that working with the documentation team is not
> satisfactory? It's a serious shame that documentation for Ubuntu,
> Kubuntu and Xubuntu is done by a dedicated team that works together and
> shares ideas/problems, but that Edubuntu seems to be making an effort to
> go in a different direction.
> If I can help at all, please let me know.
> Matt

I am afraid this is an miss-understanding directly caused by myself. My
wording in the email was poor and not clear, there is nothing wrong with
working with the documentation team. The reason the repo was declined
was that no-one on the cookbook team has commit access to it so a
temporary repo is being used.

Discussion is under way as I understand it, and when this is completed
and someone is given commit access the cookbook will be moved into the
main documentation team repo.

My apologies for any mis-understanding and trouble I have caused.

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