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Robin Shepheard robin.shepheard at swisp.co.uk
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Apologies All

I didn't check the reply address properly

Here is my email for all to see

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Subject: Re: Cook Book Meeting 06/07/06
Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2006 10:32:17 +0100
From: Robin Shepheard <robin.shepheard at swisp.co.uk>
To: Mario Đanić <mario.danic at gmail.com>
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Mario Đanić wrote:
> Hello,
> this kind of statements are not good for healty collaboration, and
> it's obviously wrong. Me and Hedgemage will be sending patches for
> the cookbook (and docteam members will make initial import) to the
> doc team mailing list, and after some kind of visible effort on our side
> we will be joining Ubuntu Doc team. I don't remember nobody declined
> anything, it's just that we will be using a temporary repository until me
> and Hedge are full-powered ubuntu doc members, and that was agreed with
> Laserjock. So, please, don't bring this kind of mess into community
> anymore ^_^
> Kind regards,
> Mario

Hi All

First things first, I believe this miss-understanding is directly my
fault and would like to apologise for it, I have worded my email badly
and have caused confusion. I placed the comment and about the temporary
repository in an attempt to explain that it was not a permanent
situation and looking back realise that I should have made it clearer.

The reason Hedgemage declined the offer was because no-one on the
Cookbook team has commit access to the Ubuntu Doc Team repository and so
the offer was a moot point, I believe that there is discussions in place
to correct this situation but until then the decision was made to use a
temporary server hosted by hedgemage.

Yet again, my most humble apologies for the confusion and the upset. I
shall make sure that any further comments made shall be made in a much
clearer manner.

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