Cook Book Meeting 06/07/06

Mario Đanić mario.danic at
Fri Jul 7 09:13:35 UTC 2006

> Item the forth
> The last item was the location of the repository, LaserJock kindly
> offered use of the Doc Team repo but HedgeMage politely declined and
> will be setting up a temporary repo on her server, so if anyone
> needs/would like access it would probably be best to send her an email
> with you name, email address and chosen username ( her email address
> according to launchpad is hedgemage at )
> Hello,

this kind of statements are not good for healty collaboration, and
it's obviously wrong. Me and Hedgemage will be sending patches for
the cookbook (and docteam members will make initial import) to the
doc team mailing list, and after some kind of visible effort on our side
we will be joining Ubuntu Doc team. I don't remember nobody declined
anything, it's just that we will be using a temporary repository until me
and Hedge are full-powered ubuntu doc members, and that was agreed with
Laserjock. So, please, don't bring this kind of mess into community anymore

Kind regards,
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