Cook Book Meeting 06/07/06

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Fri Jul 7 07:38:15 UTC 2006

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Hi All

Just a quick update as to what happened at the cookbook meeting held on

Due to unfortunate circumstances the meeting start was delayed a little
but when it got under way a surprising amount appears to have been achieved.

Item the first
First item on the agenda was the name for the cookbook. This was put to
the vote and by a vast majority of 4 to none for changing the name to
"Edubuntu Handbook".

Item the second
Second item on the agenda was dividing up the work. Hedgemage asked said
that she would like to see that no one signs up for no more than 3
chapters to start off with. She then posted the link for the page to
sign up on.

Item the third
This was confirmation of the use of docbook. However if anyone has any
problems with the use of docbook the project will accept documents in
the form of rtf, odt or plaintext files which would then be converted
for the authors by some kind soul.

Item the forth
The last item was the location of the repository, LaserJock kindly
offered use of the Doc Team repo but HedgeMage politely declined and
will be setting up a temporary repo on her server, so if anyone
needs/would like access it would probably be best to send her an email
with you name, email address and chosen username ( her email address
according to launchpad is hedgemage at )

Hope that all made sense, if not feel free to drop me an email



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