Edubuntu Cookbook update...

Jeff Casimir jeff at
Fri Jan 6 13:47:29 UTC 2006

Hey guys,

If you come to need a US-based SVN archive I have a good amount of space 
on my host (  The servers are pretty quick & reliable.  I 
can also put up Trac on there.  Just let me know.


Mauricio Hernandez Z. wrote:

>If the issue is BZR handling RCS, maybe we could still use SVN instead.
>And if we use SVN, I could also offer we use Trac (very nice Python-Web
>platform designed to help on IT development tasks. It covers many
>features, simply and efficiently). However, my guess is that either BZR
>or SVN is all we need... well, also, 'all we need is love...' :D

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