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Tue Feb 28 21:17:29 UTC 2006

I read parts of the Cookbook, and have some questions about the part  
on setting up a lab.

At my university, the computer lab model (thin client and server)  
doesn't work too well. I teach math, not programming, so I don't need  
to use the computers all the time. Space for labs and scheduling  
become problems: reserve time in the lab (which is often in a  
different building), get all the students to remember to go there,  
not the usual classroom, etc. And many, if not most, of the students  
have a (desktop) computer at home. I assign computer homework sometimes.

I'm thinking of trying to get funding for a mobile computer lab  
consisting of a rolling card of laptops. This way every classroom can  
become a computer lab. And the university has thought about requiring  
students to buy their own laptops in the future, so that labs aren't  
even required anymore. (This won't happen too soon---we're a working  
class public university, and our governor, a film star named Arnold  
you may have heard of, keeps increasing student fees.)

Any comments on using Edubuntu in this type of setup? Use the Live  
CDs, or hand out install CDs to everyone? Maybe this could go into  
the cookbook, too.

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> Since you mentioned an interest in documentation, I wanted to let  
> you know about the Edubuntu Cookbook at:

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