New to Edubuntu - how can I help?

Neil Blythin neil.blythin at
Tue Feb 28 18:43:28 UTC 2006

Dear Edubuntu community,

I only recently learned about Edubuntu, and joined this list to not only
keep up with what's happening in its development - but also to see where
I might be able to help out.  I would classify my knowledge and skills
with Linux in general (and Ubuntu in particular) as "intermediate" -
meaning I'm a reletively competent user and can help others with only
basic problems.  I only recently migrated to Ubuntu from Xandros (which
is Debian based + KDE).

My background is in military logistics and commercial aviation.  I have
extensive experience in project management / coordination, logistics,
process development, and technical writing.  I currently have my own
business that produces technical publications, policy and procedure
manuals, and training programs.

If there is a need for it - I could see myself being helpful on the
documentation side of things.  Also, while I am by no means a "graphic
artist", I do know my way around graphcs programs such as the GIMP,
Inkscape, Photoshop CS, as well as CAD programs.

Please let me know how these skills might be used in helping to forward
the project... Also, please keep in mind that this will be my first time
participating in this type of a collaborative environment, so a little
bit of guidance on how this all works might be helpful!  I have included
my email address if anyone needs to contact me directly.


Neil Blythin
neil.blythin at
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

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