Suggestions for Edubuntu Syllabus?

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On 2/28/06, Susan Addington <saddingt at> wrote:

> 2. With a good base of understanding of what math is about, software can be
> useful. Some research shows that work with tables (e.g. Open Office
> spreadsheet) is a good way of making the transition from arithmetic to
> algebra. My book does this. I also use dynamic geometry software (Geometer's
> Sketchpad, Cabri). I also recently discovered GeoGebra; I assume it will run
> under ubuntu.

GeoGebra will work in Ubuntu but you will have to install it manually.
Luckily, they provide an all-in-one script that provides the Java
Runtime Environment required. I can confirm that it works in Edubuntu
6.04 development version, although it complains that it doesn't like

Bundling Geogebra in Edubuntu can be considered but it won't work out
of the box because we cannot redistribute Java.

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