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Tue Feb 21 19:10:35 UTC 2006

And it will most likely break lots of things when people try to upgrade
> from breezy to dapper (or sarge to etch for that matter). For this
> reason understanding Ubuntu's/Debian's Policies on packaging is of
> paramount importance.

But how will it 'break' ubuntu? Karoshi is installed ontop of Linux if you
change to a different version of ubuntu say, it won't make any difference to
Karoshi at all...I'm not sure what your point is here...

You should have a look at two other projects:
> - WLUS which has been part of Skolelinux ever since

Ahh, webmin, we use it for minor stuff in Karoshi for example when we give
teachers access to switch the Internet to their rooms of, or if they want to
change a students password.

> - CipUx which provides a lot more and is currently
> debianized (undergoing the process of packaging)

That looks more like what we are doing, but have you seen the documentation?
One of the first lines in it states:

Insert the name cipux into the /etc/hosts file by changing
   the line:

   (1) localhost

   to localhost cipux

The whole point of Karoshi is that the schools don't touch any, and I mean
any configuration files its all done for you, so for example if I need to
add the above with Karoshi as soon as you click on the setup PDC button it
will put that text into the file, if they are competent to do that sort of
thing then they shouldn't be using Karoshi in the first place.

Even if you decide to walk your own way, there is a lot of source code
> and expertise in these tools both of which have been under developement
> since 2001 and 2002 respectively.

Ok thanks, I will try and email them and see if there is any room for

CipUx is also very interesting because it has an abstraction layer.
> Currently there are Webmin and Shell interfaces, but GTK-(Gnome) and
> NCURSES (debconf-like) Interfaces would be easy to implement.

It's a shame they do not have any screenshots as it would be interesting to
see, we started off with shell interfaces and when talking to school techs
they where scared of them and hated them, thats why we changed over to a
GUI, soon as we did that we got a lot more interest in Karoshi.

Also CipUx includes some quite advanced features like the automatic
> remote deployment of fat clients using disk images.

Ahh yes we already have that, we call it the deployment server, though it
doesn't have to be seperate I personally have mine on the same server as my
print server. Have so far imaged around 150 clients both Windows, Linux and
Dual boot, it really is a handy tool to have hence why it's in the project.


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