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Jane Weideman janew at
Wed Feb 15 14:38:11 UTC 2006

Hi all,

The debate has circulated for some time now as to whether we should
switch to Moin or Drupal for the Edubuntu website and CMS etc.

We had all but decided on Drupal (with Jonathan and Philipp being the
main Drupal advocates), when it was discussed and agreed at the Distro
Sprint and at the 08Feb Edubuntu Dev Update meeting to proceed with Moin
(Henrik and Mauricio being the main Moin supporters).

This came up again today in the meeting, and the camp is still pretty
firmly and evenly divided between the 2 solutions.

It was suggested that whoever is going to be:
 - Setting the site up
 - Maintaining it
Should get the strongest vote as to which is selected.

So the decisions that need to be made are:
1) Who is going to take ownership of the Edubuntu site?
 - This includes setting it up on the new system, maintaining it, and
keeping it secure, keeping it interesting and up-to-date etc.
2) Following on from this first decision, will Moin or Drupal be used to
run the site?

It was proposed that a meeting be held to address these questions on
Monday 20 Feb 2006 at 12:00 UTC in #edubuntu. 

This will allow for final arguments to be heard - feel free to open
discussions on the mailing list in the interim. Also should you wish to
provide demos and previews of your solution of choice, in order to sway
the decision, this will be your time to do that.

Feel free to discuss any related issues before that as you see fit, and
if a decision could be made prior to Monday - all the better.

Jane Weideman
mobile: +27 83 779 7800
Canonical Ltd.

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