very bad experience installing edubuntu edgy (Gavin McCullagh)

Matt Oquist moquist at
Thu Dec 21 17:09:39 UTC 2006

I just saw this, so I'm responding in reverse order.

> I downloaded the edubuntu-*-install-i386.iso from my local mirror and burnt
> the cd.  I deliberately picked the install cd and not the live one,
> thinking that I was getting what ubuntu call the "alternate" installer, it
> the old fashioned text-based one.  It now appears that there is no
> alternate install cd, you have to use the live installer.  I have had
> nothing but bad experiences with live installer, so this presents something
> of a problem to me.

Hmm. The install CD worked for me as of last week; I had no surprises
at all.

> Then I got to partitioning.  I really want to use software raid.  This

I don't know if this has changed, but in the past (Breezy timeframe,
IIRC) software RAID for / was not supported in Ubuntu.

> onto it using the edubuntu live installer.  The text-based installer did
> provide this functionality, albeit the system didn't actually boot for me
> in the end[1].

Right. That's the sort of problem I had and after I searched around at
the time, I discovered that software RAID on / was unsupported --
then. I don't know why it's broken, but I've been using hardware RAID
since then so I haven't checked again.

> I appreciate that the live installer is nice for newbies but it seems to
> remove support for a whole host of useful things like software raid and is
> really horribly unreliable and slow in my experience.  Please could we have
> the alternate installer back?  

You said above that "It now appears that there is no alternate
install cd". What do you mean by that?
is the PRIMARY recommended installation CD; the LiveCD is a somewhat
accidental "alternate" option, as I understand it. I would guess that
the Edubuntu project got a LiveCD with an installer just because
*every* Ubuntu got one, even though Edubuntu's actual install CD is
really the one you want to get LTSP OOTB.


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