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Moodleforge, which is a project, is about using
Moodle to provide communication and collaboration tools for groups of
educators, in much the same way as Edna groups do down in Oz (see, but with the
expectation that at least some of these groups will use it as a platform
to work collectively at creating moodle courses, with, it is hoped,
creative commons licences.

I've been far too busy with the day job these last few weeks to get
things set up, but we have hosting, thanks to Andy Trevor of Cutter, and
Edna have said we can use some of their materials, so it's just waiting
for me (or someone with more time and/or talent) to get things off the

Ryan's notion of getting edubuntu to automatically submit teaching
material to some central repository is technically appealing, but I for
one would prefer to polish things a bit before they make it out into a
shared repository. More interesting would be to leaverage the
collaborative principals underpinning wiki, or good old cvs, for
e-learning materials - this is kinda what we hope to achieve with
moodleforge in part, but moodle doesn't yet have any real version control.

In the meantime, if folks are putting together moodle courses they're
happy to share, there is a repository over at the Moodle Exchange, see

John Ingleby wrote:
> Ryan,
> Miles Berry is assembling a site called Moodleforge -
> - with just such an aim in mind. However,
> it's aimed at UK schools which follow the English National Curriculum,
> so I'm not sure if it provides what you're looking for.
> If not, then Wikibooks - - has much to offer, and
> is another collaborative venture.
> John Ingleby

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