Observations so far

Rick Fitzsimmons rickfitzsimmons at iname.com
Fri Sep 23 16:11:21 UTC 2005

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 22, 2005 at 11:58:21PM +0100, Rick Fitzsimmons wrote:
>>I understand client keyboard localisation is on the way...
> It's been there for months; you can set the keyboard layout for the client
> in lts.conf.  If you're looking for a way for the client to configure their
> own keyboard layout, that's currently only possible after login.
Sorry, I wasn't totally clear.
I meant that the /default/ client keyboard should follow the server 
settings. When the Edubuntu semi-technical user selects a keyboard type 
during installation, it's reasonable to expect the same setting to be 
used for clients. Otherwise the user has to hand-edit configuration 
files. So presumably the lts.conf would need to follow the installation 


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