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Jane Weideman janew at hbd.com
Thu Sep 22 10:54:07 UTC 2005

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Will a live-cd version of Edubuntu be released?

I would gladly test it, but I don't have space to install it.

Also, my wife is a physics  and math teacher  in secondary school, and
altough the computers will stay windows, she wants a Live linux CD with
edu programs to work with her students. Skolelinux and the like are
either too old (KDE's edutainment has become only really usefull since
3.4, for example), or not localized in German. So I think Edubuntu
live-cds localized in different languages would be extremely useful for
teachers who work on Windows PCs, but want to use some Linux opensource
software. It is MUCH more difficult to get the system admins to install
Linux on all PCs.



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