smbfs ??

dave rockwell bumparocky at
Tue Oct 25 21:04:31 UTC 2005

smbfs does not seem to be in edubunto or even breezy??
does this make sense if most of us have to live in mixed Windoze 

I can get Nautilus to connect to a server, but this seems to be useless 
for the programs with standard file-open-saveas dialogs as those server 
mount points (where are they) don't show up in the dialogs.

in my case I have no say over the backbone environment but I can use the 
best open source tools for the kids... I want a mount point to hang the 
existing student folders on that shows up in all the file dialogs for 
Gimp etc.

if there is a good reason this is left out, please correct me and point 
me in the right direction....
even when I tried to apt-get install smbfs (a tip I saw on the web 
somewhere) , apt-get declined to do it....
I am enthusiastic about the direction this distribution is taking but 
this is a show stopper for me at the moment...

thanks in advance for the help

Dave Rockwell
Instructional Technology Specialist
Robert F. Kennedy Children's Action Corps
220 Old Common Road
Lancaster, MA  01523

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