John RIdge john.ridge at
Thu Oct 13 21:24:38 UTC 2005

> Hi Edubuntumites (ogra- what's the word you used again?)
It should be Edbuntistas
> The webpage / wiki is available (and just in time!):
And I'd like to say that it looks good, is easy to use and works well.

john r
> We want to keep as much as possible on the wiki as possible, so we'll 
> be
> depending on more moinmoin plugins for galleries, etc.
> Thanks to Henrik who really put in lots of effort to get the wiki part
> done, and smoothed out image/layout very nicely for the web page. We'll
> have a meeting shortly for new website goals, and put together the
> website team we've been aiming to do previously. Please join the IRC
> meeting on the 19'th!
> -Jonathan
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