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Wed Oct 12 13:39:27 UTC 2005

I would like to second Tom's comments.  I completely understand that appearance is one of the most controversal and thus difficult areas with which to deal when designing a desktop OS, and I also understand that it is impossible to please everyone.

Yet the fact that as far as I can tell none of the current users of Edubuntu are actually pleased with the new artwork leads me to think that the feedback loops from users on this are broken.  It seems that appearance was done as an after thought and is given little value by the development process.

Please keep in mind that the look of Edubuntu is our first message to the world of new users.  The look needs to suggest what Edubuntu is about and should be a big help in Edubuntu promotion.  The current artwork fails to do this.


jeff elkner

On Tue, 11 Oct 2005 16:55:57 -0400, Tom Hoffman <tom.hoffman at> wrote:
>Hi All,
>I'm very reluctant to bring up issues at this late date or to
>criticize volunteer contributions, but when I had to reboot my
>edubuntu desktop for the first time in a while, I was taken aback by
>the new Edubuntu Default desktop.
>The retouched drawing of a girl with a superimposed smiley face
>staring at me off my desktop is just creepy, and while it is
>impossible to please everyone, I think one of the top priorities of a
>default deskop image is to be not disturbing to any potential users.
>Also, I don't understand what the stripes at the bottom of the screen
>are supposed to be doing graphically, and I don't even want to start
>with the politics of a perfectly white girl on the desktop of a
>distribution aimed in part at the developing world.  Nor do I really
>understand why she's reclining.
>Beyond that, it is my understanding that Edubuntu is aimed at primary
>and secondary schools.  My other objections notwithstanding, this
>desktop would be completely inappropriate for older students.
>I keep an artist with an MFA in digital media living in my parlour for
>circumstances like this one, and I've tasked her with cranking
>something out by tomorrow, so perhaps I'll have a last minute
>submission.  Otherwise, I would strongly urge the project to play it
>safe and use Jonathan Carter's "Waves" background on the
> site.  It is important to remember that this desktop
>pattern will often be repeated over 20 or 30 displays in a lab.  It
>ought not to be overly loud or busy.
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