Fwd: Live vs. Install CDs

Jan Wilson nospam at corozal.com
Thu Oct 6 18:38:31 UTC 2005

Mauricio Hernandez wrote:

> why not contacting the ubuntu-light gang?
> IMHO, edubuntu light liveCD would be better as most of schools
> hardware are old or 2nd handed.

Good suggestion.  But I checked the ubuntulite.org website and it seems 
they aren't very interested in LiveCDs either.

Actually, I'm interested in the LiveCD to demonstrate an Edubuntu LTSP 
server.  I realize that we would need 512 MB of RAM (preferrably lots 
more) to demonstrate LTSP with a live boot, but my goal is to be able to 
show school personnel what we're talking about.  The LiveCD would make 
that possible, just by using their newest, most powerful PC and even ONE 
attached LTSP workstation.

It is easy to say, "It would be much faster, of course, installed. But 
it would look and work like this."

I ran an LTSP lab at Junior College level for about two years, so I'm 
aware of the LTSP concerns.  But if we could configure LTSP to run from 
a LiveCD "out of the box" it would be a powerful marketing tool.

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