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Mon Nov 14 08:39:41 UTC 2005

Thanks for the introduction John.

Basically the first post sums up what we do very well. At the present
moment we are working on version 5.0 of Karoshi which incorporates
Ubuntu and Kubuntu support.
We have never wanted to 're-invent the wheel' by becoming our own distro as:

a) There are plenty of good distro's out there
b) It gives our users choice

But we do see potential with working together with people who are
already providing a Linux educational solution.

If anybody has any queries or questions, or any ideas how we can work
together I would be happy to hear them.

Many Thanks,


On 11/12/05, John Ingleby <john at> wrote:
> The next release of Edubuntu aims to provide services for the whole
> school, and in that context I'd like to introduce Jo Harris and Paul
> Sharrad to the Edubuntu community, along with their Karoshi project,
> Jo is Network Manager at Dover Grammar School for Boys in England, where
> she installed GNU/Linux servers using Karoshi. Paul also manages the IT
> setup at another English school, and both are active members of our
> Schoolforge-UK community.
> I'll let Jo describe Karoshi in another post, but I very much hope that
> this project can contribute to the Dapper release of Edubuntu.
> By the way, I believe "karoshi" means something like "death of the
> corporate warrior", referring to those who steadfastly avoid Linux.
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