Technical visoion of edubuntu ver1.0

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Fri Jun 24 17:32:12 UTC 2005

On Fri, Jun 24, 2005 at 07:10:36PM +0200, Oliver Grawert wrote:

> my vision of our first release is a LiveCD with included installer
> (, the CD should work in a manner
> that you dont need to touch anything and be able to set up a (20-30
> workplace/1 server) classrom within minutes and with no or as less
> interaction as possible.

OK, but be sure to consider alternatives as well, in the event that
UbuntuExpress is not ready early enough for you to begin testing Edubuntu

> you pick one pc in a networked classroom as the server and throw in the
> liveCD. after the cd has booted with a sane ltsp default setup (based on
> the shiny new ltsp packages we have in breezy now, thanks to mdz) you are
> able to just power on the clients... if they are able to netboot, they
> should simply just boot from the ltsp server and function as diskless
> clients...

What is your rationale for using a live CD to run the server, rather than
installing it?

> i want the maintenance/management of this classroom to be done with one
> single app which is run from the teachers workstation (similar to
> teachertool, but with a lot more functionallity and more visualization,
> see for a initial spec) this tool shall have
> a plugin mechanism to extend it for derivatives and further releases.

This would be very useful of course, but is not a part of the initial scope
for the 5.10 release of Edubuntu.  We already have quite some ground to
cover, and we need to choose our battles carefully, so this should probably
be a post-Breezy feature.

 - mdz

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