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Colin Applegate colin.a at
Wed Jun 15 16:09:33 UTC 2005

MoinMoin sounds even better because the docs can stay browser-readable
as opposed to downloading an .odt (openoffice 2 document) and then
viewing it in OpenOffice. Jerome what do you think? Thanks for your
input Mauricio!

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On 6/15/05, Mauricio Hernandez <mhz.chile at> wrote:
> On 6/15/05, Colin Applegate <colin.a at> wrote:
> > Hey Jerome,
> >
> > It's a pleasure to hear from you again! Documentation under SVN sounds
> > like a pretty fabulous idea. Where is the SVN actually located? do I
> > just SVN to
> <SNIP>
> Hi,
> this is my 1st post to this list, I work on education using technology
> as one of the most important means.
> I collaborate actively in then MoinMoin Wiki project (wiki we use for
> Edubuntu and many other ubuntu related sites).
> What I do not understand, so far, is why edubuntu would need a SVN for
> documentation when Moin can work as such, as well.
> All documentation can be generated and admined by Moin, unless what
> you want is to have SVN because the source files must be .sxw, .sxc,
> .doc, etc.
> And if so, are documents needed to be in those formats or any format
> different than .html? If so, why is not possible to use Moin to
> generate all kinds of documents and therefore enable wider
> possibilites of effective collaborative documentation work?
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> Regards from Chile,
> Mauricio Hernandez Z.
> "Hell is repeating someone else's mistakes" (JPS)
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