Animation/Game Engine Looking for a few interested developers

Jeff Waddell jefferydouglaswaddell at
Fri Jul 22 18:01:01 UTC 2005

Due to a question on the edubuntu-devel list about animation and my desire 
to put together an application to "animate" the text in conjunction with the 
audio from some project gutenberg etexts (I'm starting with the audio files 
for Grimm's Fairy tales), I recently revisited an old project that I helped 
intiate several years ago. This project is called the Light Princess and it 
has been languishing for the past couple of years. At the same time there is 
some real promise in this project from my perspective and perhaps others 
might see it as well. You can see what was going on with it back in 2002 by 
going to Anyway to make a long story 
short I contacted Terry Hancock, the project leader, and have discovered 
that he is interested in moving this project forward, he however feels the 
need for help with the game engine development side.

I believe that those of you interested in animation will find this page 
within the site very interesting

If you have a little time and the interest please at least check out this 
project and see if you have anything to offer.

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