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Jane Weideman wrote:
| Hi all,
| Please have a look at this when you get a chance. It could be considered
| for later versions of edubuntu if it has merit.
| regards
| JaneW
Hi Jane,

"The team involved in development of KEWL.NextGen includes professional
software engineers, computer scientists and computer science students,
information systems researchers and their students, education
researchers, instructional designers, scientists, and a project manager
who helps hold the project together. Some of the specialities
represented include human-computer interaction, instructional design
research," so, no actual teachers, then?

As Oli pointed out, KEWL itself runs on MS platform stuff, with .NextGen
being a port and rewrite to LAMP: do you know if they're going to carry
on development of KEWL, or is all the development effort moving over to
the LAMP platform now?

I'll admit to a certain partiality, but I think we'd need a pretty good
reason to switch from Moodle, which is pretty much the standard for an
open source VLE, and increasingly competing with the commercial
alternatives, certainly in the UK FE/HE sector. I'd be very surprised if
KNG overtakes it in the next three months! I'd be interested to hear why
Derek Keats thinks it so much better. Moodle's integration with LAMS may
also be worth taking into account (see

If you want to e-mail me with the log in credentials, I'll have a proper
look, and try to keep an open mind.

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