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Jerome Gotangco jgotangco at
Thu Jul 14 10:09:07 UTC 2005

> Just had a glance at the site, and it looks very good. This is just the
> sort of 'fuzzy felt' type drag-and-drop application that we use right at
> the beginning of their IT course in reception, presently through MyWorld
> for Window$ (
> How easy is it to write new activities for this? Do you have to know
> Python, or is there some sort of GUI front-end for creating new stuff?

I actually use GCompris (running in Warty) for my pre-school daughter.
However, I just tried running it in stock Hoary and I got no sound
even though I have the proper packages installed. Need to check what's
wrong (GCompris is in Universe btw). Even the GCompris Editor doesn't
work although I got a menu entry on it (same observation in Warty

There is a Python wrapper for GCompris
( although with what I
know, all the boards are done in C.

Hope this helps.


Jerome G.

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