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Miles Berry mberry at
Thu Jul 14 08:08:25 UTC 2005

Jane Weideman wrote:
> This is an interesting point, at the WCCE (World Conference on Computers
> in Education) last week the debate around blog/wiki came up. It was
> interesting to note that teachers and less technical people almost
> always prefer blogs, and developer and the more technically minded seem
> to prefer the wiki format...
> We were debating which to include in Edubuntu at our Summit, and I was
> pretty adamant about a wiki being better - now I wonder if the barrier
> to entry is too high for the average, less technically inclined user
> (which I gather the majority of teachers will be)
I think it's worth having both a wiki and some sort of blog tool (eg
elgg -, but I don't think wikis are intrinsically too
complex for teachers (or pupils) to use, we've used the moodle wiki
module (which, FWIW does have wysiwyg editing, although other aspect of
the implementation are decidedly sub mediawiki) very effectively for
collaborative research, vocab and revision note exercises, as well as
for assembling the content of the school magazine, all of which with
classes of 9-11 year olds.

The big plus of the wiki approach is that it embeds a social,
collaborative model of learning, which mirrors many aspects of the open
source development process, (see
That said, the more personalized, individual nature of the blog has its
place too, and is certainly a good way of giving learners 'voice'.

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