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Mauricio Hernandez mhz.chile at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 18:39:57 UTC 2005

sorry Quim :D

this was again my mistake and it is now sent properly...

> I agree with the fact that LTSP is very suitable for many school labs
> or instances alike.
> Nevertheless, I would love to use the same EdUbuntu Live-Cd for school
> workstations where a GUI installer (running only from X.Org) is not
> preffered, but a command line installer is, and where you could
> specify which packages (yes or no options) you need, based on the
> local available hardware.
> The bottom line is, if EdUbuntu can worked as both LTSP and local WS
> installer, that'll rock and may become a real
> "kick-butts-school-solution" (excuse my mapudungun :) ) , and so, be a
> whole 1st school market reference.

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