LTSP "out of the box"

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Mon Jul 11 10:34:29 UTC 2005

Am Montag, den 11.07.2005, 12:22 +0200 schrieb Quim Gil:
> > the edubuntu CD itself will be targeted at classroom use (it will
> > install a ltsp server out of the box etc.)
> Would it be crazy to ask in the installation process whether you want to
>  install a LTSP server to serve a whole classrom or just a thick client
> in the current machine?
> There may be many teachers/admins that for whatever reason don't want an
> LTSP/thinclients setting in their classroom.
yes, there should be an option to avoid the ltsp installation, but the
default install (hitting enter for all questions in the installer)
should provide you with a working ltsp classroom environment including
moodle, schooltool, ltsp etc as we agreed at the target for
our first release is still to have a k12ltsp environment out of the box
installed in 30 min without to much interaction....if you want something
different you will have to interact with the installer...

for home use i still would rather suggest the edubuntu-desktop package
rather then the full CD 


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