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Quim Gil qgil at
Mon Jul 11 08:00:36 UTC 2005

> This is an interesting point, at the WCCE (World Conference on Computers
> in Education) last week the debate around blog/wiki came up. It was
> interesting to note that teachers and less technical people almost
> always prefer blogs, and developer and the more technically minded seem
> to prefer the wiki format...

This fits perfectly in our piramide structure (in that diagram made in

- A blog (actually a full featured CMS) for the top of the piramide,
entry point of beginners, outsiders and people initially interested in

- A wiki for the middle of the piramide, where developers and regular
contributors dive in.

- At the bottom of the priamide even more complex (but useful!) tools
such as CVS-alike tools, bug tracking systems, etc.

Offering a wiki as an entry point to non-tech users may be as wrong as
forcing tech people to fulfill their needs with a blog.


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