Skolelinux participation at the Edubuntu Summit

Andreas Tille tillea at
Thu Jul 7 11:37:19 UTC 2005

On Thu, 7 Jul 2005, Markus Gamenius wrote:

>> Ups.  I'll consider a Wernilux distro (the city I'm living in is called
>> Wernigerode) because my city would be nothing without ist own Linux-distro.
>> Strange logic ...
> This was meant a litle bit ironical I belive.  ;-)
Yes. Sorry I missed the ;-)

> Yes, I will. I have talked to some more peoples to day and they say that they 
> will use a translated Skolelinux. The problem is more that some of the 
> pliticans want to pay a company (could be Novell) to make a distro for this 
> region. The people I have talked to say that they are going to use Skolelinux 
> anyway..... I think time will show.
What about or whatever your politicans like.  I'm not against
a company - I even would like more companies who support Debian.  But we
do not need a Company just to make another distribution.

>> The two visits in Spain last year made me think about moving to Spain as
>> a reasonable option. To convince me fully we would have to move it some
>> 1000 km North to get a milder (not so hot) climate for my taste. ;-))
> It's a nice place and friendly people.
Sure - this is what I meant.  The only disadvantage is that my brain stops
working at temperatures higher than 30°C. ;-)

Kind regards



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